Mixed Content Manual Override 10.6.1

Hi there!
I have been experimenting with Jellyfin 10.6.1 (And many previous versions) on Windows server 2012 r2 which is a VM. It connects to a NAS through a mapped network drive with read permissions only. My main server is a old and outdated emby server, version, which has full read/write permissions and saves nfo and images into media folders.
The big issue I have between these two versions is a mixed content folder which contains many YouTube video’s I’ve saved. The current old version displays this folder perfectly in a folder style view. Jellyfin does the same with a few exceptions. Some folders in this library will be displayed like a tv show would, which makes it look very odd. But, it only occurs on some folders. I can’t determine why it believes it to be a show with seasons but, everything I have tried to make it display in a folder view format as failed.
I have visited the admin dashboard and gone to Libraries->Display and enabled “Display a folder view to show plain media folders”. However, even when using this view, Jellyfin will still display the problematic folders in a TV Show style view.
Right clicking and selecting content type gives me the options “Inherit” and “Shows”, However neither option changes how the folder is displayed.
I know that on my main Emby server which saves nfo files within the media folders, I usually have a tvshow.nfo file I could maybe edit to change the view. But, on Jellyfin which does not save nfo into media files, I do not know where in the server to go to try and change it manually.

Because of this, I wanted to ask the community if they too have had this kind of issue. Is there a way to override this setting and force everything in a library (or even by folder if must be) to be displayed in a folder view only and not a TV Show view with seasons, etc?

Here is an example of what I would like it to look like vs how it is being displayed in a unwanted TV Show format.
Here is how I like the display of this library and 50% of the time Jellyfin does correctly:

Here is how Jellyfin displays the other folders 50% of the time and that I would like to change:

Edit: Nevermind, New users can only post one image in a topic. But, you get the idea. It looks like how a tv show would with a “Season Unknown” season and about 100 videos inside. None of which are labeled like a tv show would be. just random YouTube video names

Would anyone have any suggestions in order to correct this? I also know that Jellyfin provides a “Server Only” install. If anyone has or would have any ideas on how to overlay emby’s Web-Ui ontop of Jellyfin 10.6.1, I would love to know! (Mostly likely impossible but, might as well ask. Don’t hate please.)

Without more information on the structure of your files and the naming conventions it’d be hard to say why it’s picking some folders to be tv shows and others not. In testing it seems like the music videos content type is the closest thing to a plain folder view which might work better for you?

Nice out of the box thinking, but no this wouldn’t work

Thanks TrueTechy for the response! Shame about the UI part but, understandable. The music videos content type sounds like a very good idea, and I will try it out and post an update here about it. I wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something that forced a folder view.
Thank you!