New user saying "Hello"

Hello to all Jellyfin users from whom I hope to learn a lot as I use this media server.
I was for several years a Plex user but about a year ago moved from Plex to Emby which I really like much more.
Being a Xubuntu Linux user for the past 15 years, and having rid myself of Windows completely about 12 years ago I was delighted to read about and install open-source Jellyfin on my laptop, the Desktop machine still using Emby for now at least.
I am sure I will have a number of questions as I use this server and I will try to make them as clear as possible when asking.
So far it seems to be working very well with Music and Video folders added as libraries, though at the moment still updating all metadata for those media files.
I look forward to discussing how it all comes together over the next few days/weeks.

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Welcome onboard :slight_smile: