Nextpvr v5 Plugin

Hi All,

Just started to play with Jellyfin on Server 2019 backend with Nextpvr also installed with TBS Octa Tuner PCIe card.

Wondering if there is a plugin for Nextpvr v5? At the moment when trying to view live OTA tv on Jellyfin Shield plugin i get Server.Volley error. Guessing it is the wrong plugin.

Thanks in advance

I think our NextPVR plug-in needs some updates… I believe there are some fixes waiting to be merged, and now that we have 10.4 released, we can give it a shot.

I did the port for v5 in Emby and can do it for jellyfin too if people are still using it otherwise I don’t want to bother. It isn’t trivial because jellyfin is behind Emby for Live TV plugins and missing some enhancement that need t be ripped out.