Obtaining Jellyfin Kodi Addon

I apologise up front for my stupidity.
Can anyone please tell me where I can obtain the Jellyfin Kodi addon from?
I would like to attempt to integrate Jellyfin into a Kodi app to see what it can do.
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We actually have 2 Kodi addons to choose from right now:

  • Jellyfin for Kodi - Syncs metadata from the server into Kodi’s local database. This gives it a very native feel, but loses some flexibility.
  • Jellycon - More of a “thin” client. This behaves like most other Kodi streaming addons and gives more dynamic control like fast user switching.

Installation docs for Jellyfin for Kodi can be found here. Currently Jellycon is only available by installing the zip file from Github. Most recent release is found here, but it should be included into our Addon repo soon.

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Thank you so much.
Simply outstanding response.

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