Playlist bug in 10.3.1


I upgraded from 10.2.2 to 10.3.1 today on Windows 64 bit.

After the upgrade when I went to playlists and everything there was empty. None of my playlists showed up.

I looked in the logs and found the error “MyUsername” is not permitted to access Library “Playlists” where MyUsername is my JF username.

I went into my user profile under Access.

I had “Enable access to all libraries” unselected and the libraries selected were my music library, tv library and 1 movie library. I have 2 other movie libraries that are for other family members who have access to their own personal movie library which I don’t want to see under my user profile.

When I checked “Enable access to all libraries” I am able to see the playlists.

Did something change in 10.3 that affects the playlists ? They aren’t a library and you can’t restrict access to it under the access tab.

TLDR; On 10.2.2 when I had “Enable access to all libraries” unselected playlists showed up. On 10.3.1 its broken when “Enable access to all libraries” and none of the playlists show up because Jellyfin thinks that you don’t have access to it.


I still have enable access to libraries selected and the entire playlists section is now gone completely. It doesn’t show up next to music. It’s like JF doesn’t have a playlists “library”

I’ve restarted the Windows service for JF and the problem is still there.

I looked in the server logs and found a REST API call that gets one of the playlists. I copied it to my browser and added &apikey=MYAPIKEY and the REST call correctly returned 1 of my playlists

The URL was in the format:


I’ve obviously removed the parts I don’t want you guys to see but you get the idea

One more update to clarify this issue: Playlists doesn’t show up on the home screen anymore but when I click on Music and go to playlists, I can see it there.