Rasplex like client for jellfin?


Plex user here. I have a NUC that is only used in a cabin. It streams to 2 raspberry pi’s that run rasplex. Internet connection is a (kind of flaky) verizon jetpack hotspot.

Any client for jellyfin like rasplex???

I have tested jellyfin and think it works great. Not having to have an internet connection is the reason I’m going with jellyfin. I’m using an old 2core duo and raspberry pi 3 as test bed. Works good with kodi and embycon plugin. Android app worked good too.


None that I’m aware of right now, other than using Kodi to talk to Jellyfin.

There is an Electron Theatre port, but it needs some help at the moment.


As @anthonylavado said the electron theatre port needs some work but once that is done it should work fine and would be ideal for Pis as you can autostart it.


Thought I would follow up here. I am using openelec and the embycon plugin. I would like bigger fonts in KODI, but works alright.


That’s on raspberry PI 3’s.