Roku MPEG 2 video

Hi. I am a brand new jellyfin user, having used plex for years as a video and music server. I am hoping to build a tvheadend DVR and jellyfin server on my raspberry pi 4. I installed it on to raspbian, not in a docker. All my clients are roku, 2 Roku TVs and one Roku stick.

I was trying to see if I need to buy an hdhomerun that can transcode to h.264 or is a standard one that grabs the ATSC MPEG 2 stream will work without transcoding. I downloaded 2 files from a kodi sample media page, one 1080i, one 720p to test. Both files failed to open in the jellyfin Roku channel. Both said they were attempting to direct play on the server side.

I didn’t know if anyone here has successfully gotten live tv/dvr working in the Roku jellyfin and whether it can successfully play and deinterlace mpeg2 video without transcoding.

I posted this in the Reddit but then realized this would probably be better.