Shield server date

Hello there !
First of all, thanks to all the community for the great work.
I want (like a lot of people) moove on shield for a lot of good reason, but Jellyfin server don’t exist on shield.
The purpose is to remove my computer and have only the shield that work as a server and a client for Jellyfin.
According that what i’ve read everywere there is no solution for that, today Jellyfin works only with a computer dedicated.
I post here to know what is the plan for jellyfin server on shield, did someone work on the project, and do we have a planning ?

Thanks for reading :wink:

There’s no real timeline for this, largely because it’s out of our hands. It can’t happen until dotnet core gets ported to android with all of the interfaces that we need, and then somebody on our side to handle whatever platform specific code needs to be put in place for such a thing to function.

Makes sens !
So we need to wait for dotnet core release on android.
Thanks a lot for your answer.
I think it should be a real good thing to have jellyfin on shield, but i understand that 's a long/hard work.

Keep the good work that you all do for us, jellyfin is the best !

Hmm a little question,
I’m not a Dotnet specialist but, Xamarin is not able to be usefull for this project ?

Noone knows ?
If seen Emby is now working on Shield, like plex.

Can we hope for something with Jellything ?