Standardized Test Content Library


While we’ll never be able to cover every possible edge case, I’d like to propose a standardized test content collection.

Initially it would be a static collection of files to work with. As it grows, there will still be an archive of files kept (just in case), but since a lot of the content can come from some pretty big names with (hopefully) reliable links, it can change to be primarily a download script.

One would run it, get their base testing content downloaded, and then future updates can be downloaded on demand. Since the test library would consist of free content, items will typically never be removed - updates would just be additive.

An example of packaged diff updates working well in history is something like the High Voltage SID Collection:

They have, for years, maintained a collection of items, and always provided a path to keeping them up to date.


To start this, we’ll need to identify what content/formats/codecs should be expected to work, right now.

Then, once that is pretty stable, we can look into testing other systems, such as Live TV.

Here is a great resource I located from another media player’s forums:

And linked from there is something that Kodi has prepared for use with testing:


Do you want to base this on something like xUnit? Or NUnit?

I was messing with mirroring my library in files of very small files (with the correct media types), but I stopped that.


I hadn’t actually thought that far ahead to be honest. First, I need to finish building my base content library.