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First of all, I definitely enjoy Jellyfin and thank the developers who are working on it.

Is there a solution so that the text of the summaries (in this case for me, on a music album) isn’t displayed in a single block ? For now (or else I missed something), it’s impossible to do any layout. In fact, I just wish I could go to the line. For example, if I want to do something like this :

The result will be:

With a little text, it’s fine. But with a long and detailed text, it becomes unreadable.

Thank you in advance !

Hi Prisme,

You can add html <br> tag in description to go to next line. If you want get a blank line in between, then add 2 <br> tags after each other.

Overview field:


Hope this help

You did better than answer my question! I didn’t realize that we could directly integrate HTLM into summaries. Awesome ! Thank you !

To be honest I didn’t know about it before reading your question and simply thought “Would HTML work? Let’s go try that.” and here we are. No problem at all. :wink:

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