Unable to access Jellyfin from other devices since two days ago


I installed Jellyfin on my Windows 10 laptop and it was working fine for a few weeks but two days ago my devices such as my iPad can no longer open the dashboard and it won’t load in the Jellyfin app. I tried uninstalling including deleting that folder it asks you whether you want to delete it and after installing it and going through the setup and choosing my media folder I changed the port from the default 8096 to 1337 and restarted Jellyfin to see if it would load the dashboard/app on my iPad. But it doesn’t. How can I fix this?

Hi Prince,

With so little information, it will be difficult to help. It could be firewall blocking it ?
Is Jellyfin running ? If yes, do you have any sort of error in your logs ?

Jellyfin is running and I allowed it through Windows Firewall. I did a virus scan with Panda Dome with 0 infections. I pinged my iPad (client device) from the laptop (server) and it was successful 4/4 packets sent and received. I haven’t checked the logs but Jellyfin seems to be running fine. I can access the dashboard from the browser of the laptop. But when I try to access the dashboard and connect to Jellyfin via the official Jellyfin app and Infuse on my iPad it says “Could not connect to server”. I tried specifying http and https in the url and typed the whole IP and port but it still doesn’t work. I also updated my router firmware in case it was my router but that did not help.

Maybe temporarily stops firewall, antivirus and security tools to test if the connection establishes correctly to exclude third party software causing this.

If these steps don’t help, to keep investigating check the logs from Jellyfin will tell you if a connection attempts is received by Jellyfin server from your iPad.

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