User & password issue

I installed the jellyfish server onto my windows pc, went through setup, skipped where it asked to setup password, loaded my films, once i finished, went to next button, but then it asks for user and Password, which i don’t have of course because i skipped that part. So now i’m stuck. because it says i must put in a user name, any ideas please to get passed this part.

and of course when i try to use it on firectick it asks for user, which again i don’t have?

My apologies - we don’t explain this clearly enough in the setup screen. That said, it’s important to pay attention when you’re clicking through!

The first time setup in the web browser forces you to create a username. You can’t go ahead if you don’t pick one. For this reason, it will automatically fill it in with your computer username. You could also change it if you wanted to. On this same screen, it also lets you fill in a password. If you don’t choose one, it will just keep it blank.

To sign in, you’ll need to put in the username. This is usually just your name. For me, it would be “Anthony Lavado”. If you try your name and it doesn’t work, try looking at “C:\Users” to see what it might be expecting. For password, just leave it blank. This will be the same for logging in on the Fire TV Stick.

The reason you don’t just automatically see a button for your user is because we’ve set them to be hidden by default. This is important for security, in case you decide to share your server over the internet. If you wanted to, you can turn this back on.

To show your user on the login screens:

  • Log in, and go to the Dashboard
  • Go to Users on the left, find your username, click the “…” button, and choose “Open”
  • Scroll down and find “Hide this user from login screens”, and uncheck it
  • Click Save

Thanks for the reply. I decided to uninstall and start over, and filled it all in this time, so its ok now. thanks

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