We all use Jellyfin but what other services are you selfhosting?

Show us your selfhosted programs you run alongside Jellyfin.

Sonarr - automate your TV show downloads

Radarr - automate your movie downloads

Pihole - hate ads? Get pihole.

PiVPN or OpenVPN - hate ads on your phone? Complement PiHole with a VPN.

Nextcloud - your own personal cloud service.

qBittorrent, Deluge - bittorrent clients.

Ombi - I don’t even use this but it was good to set it up. Requests made easy for Plex users.

Calibre & Calibre-Web - ebook management and sharing.

Netdata - monitor all this shit we become obsessed with.

Docker - run all of the above in a container.

Portainer - Manage of all of the containers of the above.

Caddy - really simple webserver. Originally I had this running with all my services but I’m now just VPNing in to access all my stuff. Feels a lot safer that way.

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Will update this post later on but - PiHole 100%


VM Workstation
Nginx (For https)
Plex (I know - For legacy users)
Dynamic DNS update

Docker + some of the stuff you listed

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I used to run Motioneye to keep an eye on my dog. Worked really well.

Well, well, all hosted in different xen vms:
-NFS and smb Server
-kolab Groupware
-win10 for RDP and then “GUI stuff”
-unifi controller
-freifunk (open wifi via unifi AP with a VPN, quite popular in germany due to a difficult law situation)
-squid proxy

Future dreams:
-maybe a gaming vm with another graphicscard
-maybe a MacOS vm
-100% pihole and stuff, the kids are getting taller…

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Look at NXFilter rather than PIHole for parental control type stuff.


Thanks for the list benchlor.

Thank you for nxfilter, @silkstone1 looks really promising.

@TravisBickle no Problem, but I should add one very big dream or nightmare: moving from xen to esxi, as that is what I’m more familiar with nowadays due to my work. I just did not have the money for supported hardware and now I fear the big impact, mainly familywise. Because of the hardware-passthrough I can’t do it seamless, so there will be a downtime…

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