Shall we split the Anime and Channel repo contents into individual repos?



Most plugins are more aimed for one specific task and/or site, and they usually are in their own seperate repo (e.g. Trakt, Rotten tomatoes etc), unlike the 2 linked above. So my question is should we break the above plugins into seperate repos?

E.g. The Anime plugin had 5 different metadata providers in the 1 plugin. Would it be better to keep it as is or split up the providers into their seperate plugins. (Currently they are all bundled into 1 dll file). The majority of the configuration options for the current anime plugin are specific to anidb anyways, where the other anime metadata providers aren’t configurable. Splitting them up this way means a user can just install, Let’s say, the anidb agent and they don’t end up getting thier list of metadata agents when adding a library increased by 5 options instead of just the 1 they want.

E.g.2. The Channels repo has multiple channels for different service’s, these include stuff like Adult related sites, Twitch, Viemo etc. Currently they all get compiled into seperate dll files so in theory this should be easier to split up.

These where the only 2 repos with multiple bundled in, so I thought it was worth discussing


I like the idea of splitting up plugins by site/provider, I’m just unsure of the implementation.


Can we split them by provider but keep in one repo? I don’t think I see much sense in splitting the source, but having independent plugins for the idea of direct mapping 1 metadata source <-> 1 plugin seems good.


This is what I meant :slight_smile:

At least in regards to the channels one. The Anime one is a little more complex, and depends a bit more on future planning.


The channels one is actually a repo with multiple plugins right now… The sln links to multiple csproj projects, one for each plugin :slight_smile: